The Birds …

This morning as I was driving and stopped dutifully at the stop light on Alta Mesa and McCart …. I looked up. Continue reading

Ask anyone under 25 and these words are gone …

Visiting The Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth, Tx with my great nephews this summer brought about a new awareness. Continue reading

Where is hope for high schools?

The hope for high schools is that we can graduate relationship-healthy teens. The initiative to do that Continue reading

Relationship Downers – Silence And Assumed Agreement 

How many times do you hear or make a statement, a command, or a request directly followed by a pseudo-rhetorical “OK?” (or “Does that make sense?”)  Continue reading

How Teens Can Be Relationship-Skills Mentored

StrengthBank® character education focuses relationship skills education right alongside academic education. It results in fewer Continue reading

Is this THE holiday season to finally … ?

Does everyone get it? Is rabble rousing what we now call merriment? Continue reading

Teenagers have “A Falling Out”?

During the holiday season, one of the somber reminders that joy is not the rule of the rest of the year is the manifestation of continuing broken relationships.  The lame excuse that Continue reading